Sterling Griffin, Co-Founder of MedTech National, Gig Harbor

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The chief operating officer of Hudson Homes, LLC, Sterling Griffin oversees the company’s construction work in the area in and around Gig Harbor, Washington. A native of Gig Harbor, Sterling Griffin also cofounded MedTech National, Inc., a medical billing company. With the increasing complexity and sophistication of medical knowledge and technology, as well as the ongoing developments in the health insurance industry, healthcare providers must have reliable billing departments that remain abreast of the latest developments in the field. MedTech National, Inc., relieves small and mid-range practices of the technology and records management burdens associated with medical billing, and provides them with a reliable monthly revenue stream. Medical billing is only one component of MedTech’s revenue cycle management service. Oriented toward coordinating clients’ coding and reimbursement strategies with payers’ rules, MedTech’s medical coding service, sometimes dubbed “code scrubbing,” resolves inaccuracies and inconsistencies in claims before they’re filed, reducing the incidence of rejections. MedTech also offers its clients a comprehensive suite of user-friendly practice management software. Customizable to clients’ individual needs and specifications, the HIPAA-ready system is designed to help healthcare providers devote less time to paperwork and more time to treating patients.

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