Revenue Cycle Management

billing_account_graphic-clThe most Important Financial Aspect of Your Business

Cash flow resulting from the efficiency of Revenue Cycle Management is the single most important factor in determining the level of financial success within a medical practice. As business owners, medical practitioners juggle multiple daily responsibilities, and revenue cycle management is by all counts the trickiest of them. MedTech National, Inc. can rescue physicians from lost revenue and long hours at the office.


Customized Revenue Management Services

We complete a thorough analysis of your billing process and if necessary will take the necessary steps to reengineer your billing cycle.  Understanding how the cracks appear and addressing them comprehensively provides long term stability rather than the quick fix solutions.

Regular Follow Up

What happens if one of your claims gets rejected? Our specialized denial management services and regular follow up can convert rejected claim into prompt checks. We utilize refined technologies to check and ensure that your claims are clean before submission.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Lack of knowledge of insurance coverage for your patients can be a significant drain of resources. Did you know that approximately 25 percent of all practice income is lost as a result of under-coding? We methodically go through the explanation of benefits and understand the parameters used for processing claims by insurance companies.

Healthy Claims

Healthy claims are the lifeblood of a practice. Medical coding is not just about matching the right codes with a medical procedure. It is about assigning exact, add on codes, modifiers, place of service and technical codes.

Comprehensive Medical Billing Services

Our medical billing support is 360 allowing us to cover the entire spectrum. From performing eligibility checks, creating and scrubbing claims to reaching the insurers quickly, we are there for you through the entire process.

Experienced Medical Professionals

Our staff has been evaluating, implementing, and managing clinical Practice Management and Electronic Health Records systems from their inception. We can design a solution around your existing system, or implement a completely new solution.