Our Services

Streamline Billing and Increase Revenue

Chances are, your traditional billing and collection practices are not working as efficiently as they should. Consider this: for each encounter, you and your staff must process bills, manage batches, check validation, post payments, work on denials, and all the while provide quality care for an increasing stream of patients.

And now you’re also being required to keep abreast of the federal government’s latest healthcare changes – including the APG billing methodology, and the push to adapt Electronic Medical Records (EMR) technology.

What We Offer:


Practice Management

You have built a great Medical practice, but new federal regulations threaten your profitability. Is your practice management platform and staff ready for the explosion in procedure codes required to move from ICD-9 (17,000 codes) to ICD-10 (155,000 codes)

We Offer:

  • State of the art, EHR and ICD-10 ready software
  • Fully trained billing experts
  • Cloud-based platforms that never run out of room
  • IT Support and Integration services

Revenue Management

Today’s healthcare involves a myriad of data driven guidelines that change continually and make it a challenge to stay current. MedTech National, Inc. is your healthcare revenue cycle management specialist offering effective solutions in physician medical coding, billing and collections.

MedTech National, Inc. has the medical coding expertise to ensure accuracy, and the technology and reporting advancements to keep you continually informed and revenue streaming.


MedTech National, Inc. helps you get back to what you do best – providing outstanding health care. We perform chart audits to help you justify coded and billed charges while decreasing rejections due to lack of or incorrect documentation. We train your clinical and administration staff on the many complex variables of APG and PROS methodologies to ensure compliance while focusing on increasing practice revenue.

We continually monitor the billing process and work with your staff to identify ways to create efficiencies within your practice.