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Is your Medical Practice ready for EHR and ICD-10? Can your software handle scanners, tablets, mobile phones? Do you offer a HIPAA-compliant patient Portal? Can your infrastructure be seamlessly upgraded to stay current with change? If you are not certain, please call us.



Medical Billing Service

Outsourcing your billing service frees up office space, lowers payroll costs, and improves patient satisfaction. MedTech National, Inc.  provides this comprehensive service in exchange for a flat percentage of  revenues generated from your medical practice.  We offer electronic and printed reports, consulting, and immediate support from our responsive staff to ensure that you are fully versed in all billing activities.

We are professional, polite, and friendly, but are also hard-nosed about collecting your outstanding receivables from payers and patients alike. Let us relieve the burden of collections and free up your staff to address patient needs.